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Specialising in sponsorship and media rights, Global Media & Sports is a leading professional sports advisory firm. Colin Smith, Managing Director has advised leading professional sports and events in Asia, Europe, Australasia and Africa. Colin is recognised as a global authority on structuring events to maximise media rights and sponsorship, and is at the forefront of digital media.

Perspectives on OTT, Sport and Television

What is the future for sports television providers with the rapidly emerging OTT TV and its increasing focus on sports?

Download the presentation slides from a talk given by Global Media & Sport's Colin Smith on OTT TV.

Colin Smith and GMS Latest News

Rugby Australia risk 'killing the sport' with next rights deal

"If Rugby Australia don’t do their homework on what Super Rugby competition is in the best interests of Australia and its broadcast partners, then they’re going to end up killing the sport," says Colin Smith of GMS. read more

Super ratings up but cricket mega deal a blow for rugby, expert says

GMS principal Colin Smith says Fox Sports will have less money to spend on rugby after smashing open the piggy bank to secure cricket's headline content for the next six years. read more

Good and bad news for fans with Foxtel buying cricket broadcast rights

The rights to transmit live sport broadcasts via the internet will be held by Foxtel. “This will be very attractive to millennials who are increasingly watching less TV, preferring to follow sport on mobile phones and iPads,” says Colin Smith of Global Media and Sports. read more

Broadcast deal may leave cricket viewers on sticky wicket

Australian cricket fans, already reeling from revelations of pre-meditated cheating during the third Test in South Africa, may face a double whammy of having to pay to watch future tests and ODIs on TV. read more

Tennis and cricket try to balance free-to-air and pay TV in rights battle

Can tennis and cricket keep extracting huge rights fees from the now cash-strapped free-to-air broadcasters or, in the quest for more money, do they go back behind the pay-wall and strike deals with Foxtel while risking the ire of the general public in the process? read more

AFLW TV rights: AFL looking to secure broadcast deal for women’s game

Media rights expert Colin Smith, who helped secure a rights deal for Super Netball, said the AFL could strike a similar rights deal for the AFLW. The netball deal is a revenue share model where Channel 9 pays the cost to produce the matches, but all revenue generated (from advertising and other commercial deals) is shared between the TV company and Netball Australia. read more