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Global Media & Sports...

...develops sports TV strategies
...is a leading advisor on sport media rights
...designs and constructs emerging TV models
...is leading the innovation of apps for our clients to drive engagement and build meaningful relationships with their fans.

Sport Media Rights Advisors

Global Media and Sports (GMS) are leading advisors on media, sports rights and global sporting events.

GMS has advised leading FTA TV, Pay TV and Radio organisations together with emerging digital platforms.

GMS fully understands the critical global drivers for media of sports rights across programming, branding, audience and economics.

GMS recognises that the global marketplace is evolving which presents unique opportunities that GMS can help explore. Premium sports unlike other TV genre, guarantee audience.

GMS is at the forefront of the revolutionary digital trends including Datatainment.

Digital rights are being driven by technology and powerful consumption trends across live, personalisation, interactive, anytime, anywhere and second screen.

GMS Principal, Colin Smith, has over twenty five years experience in advising leading media organisations. GMS has a deep understanding of the changing media environment and the digital revolution which is changing media consumption.

Free to Air TV

  • Restructuring of FTA TV
  • TV production
  • Acquisitions / divestments
  • Projections of advertising revenues
  • Relationship with GDP growth
  • Content output deals
  • Financial constraints and capital structures


Subscription TV

  • Economics of Pay TV
  • Migration strategies to digital
  • Companion App
  • Digital media rights
  • Content acquisition
  • Affects of NBN Co
  • Subscription growth and need for sport, especially summer

Pay TV


  • Content acquisition
  • Companion App
  • Dual screening
  • Migration strategies
  • Roll-out strategies

Digital Strategies


  • Advertising projections compared to GDP
  • Advertising projections across platforms
  • Structure of advertising


Colin Smith has advised leading media organisations. He has also Chaired and been a Director of media organisations in TV, Production, Radio and online.


Global Media & Sports believes that
the business of sports is driven by:

Local and global TV audiences

TV Audiences


Anywhere, anytime coverage including
Companion Apps of leading events competition

companion apps for sport competitions


Enabling and promoting fan coverage and interest of sports

promoting fans interest in sport


Maximising returns and interest from global sponsorship

Maximize sponsorship returns


Maximise the experience of fans attending events

Maximizing the experience of sport fans


Global Media & Sports is highly analytical and fact based in developing strategies and outcomes to maximise its sports returns.

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