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Global Media & Sports is a leading professional sports advisory firm specialising in media rights, structures and events for sports.

Colin Smith, Managing Director has advised leading professional sports and events in Asia, Europe, Australasia and Africa.

Colin is recognised as a global authority on structuring events to maximise media rights and sponsorship, and is at the forefront of digital media.

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  • Sport Sponsorship Advisory Firm
  • Broadcasting Rights Advisor

Perspectives on OTT, Sport and Television

What is the future for sports television providers with the rapidly emerging OTT TV and its increasing focus on sports? GMS believes that OTT is the next evolution in broadcasting. LEARN MORE

Colin Smith & GMS Latest News

Why NZ Rugby could now rip up Super Rugby

Colin Smith believes that Super Rugby as it's currently configured is not sustainable and that there is an opportunity for New Zealand to retain the five [Super Rugby] franchises but increasing them to a minimum of eight. READ MORE

Rugby Australia, Raelene Castle spent $1m on failed broadcast negotiations

Broadcast rights expert Colin Smith, who has advised most of the professional sports in Australia, pointed out the Australia-only competition restarting will be required to be signed off by all the major broadcasters. READ MORE

NRL set for massive payday in historic Foxtel, Nine broadcast deal

Colin Smith says this is a great outcome for all parties. READ MORE

'Really smart': FFA, clubs could take on production costs for A-League

In this world with multiple platforms and multiple geographies, Colin Smith can see a real advantage to taking on the responsibility of production in-house. READ MORE