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Global Media & Sports is a leading professional sports advisory firm specialising in media rights, structures and events for sports.

Colin Smith, Managing Director has advised leading professional sports and events in Asia, Europe, Australasia and Africa.

Colin is recognised as a global authority on structuring events to maximise media rights and sponsorship, and is at the forefront of digital media.

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Perspectives on OTT, Sport and Television

What is the future for sports television providers with the rapidly emerging OTT TV and its increasing focus on sports? GMS believes that OTT is the next evolution in broadcasting. LEARN MORE

Colin Smith & GMS Latest News

Tabcorp's landmark NFL deal and the coming revolution in TV sports rights

With TV networks in Australia and around the world increasingly reluctant to pay ever increasing amounts for sporting content, organising bodies may increasingly turn to the gambling industry to help secure their financial futures. Sports rights expert Colin Smith says the Tabcorp-NFL deal would be a precursor to more rights diversification around the world, and would open the door to betting companies snatching up more content. READ MORE

V'landys faces major task leading league's battle for broadcast dollars

Australia’s leading expert on sports rights, Global Sport and Media’s Colin Smith says, "It appears neither the ARLC nor the NRL clubs have a strategy here. With the real and present cautionary future of the AFL that has solidified its base in Sydney with the Swans, its overall financial muscle and long-term thinking building a similar position for western Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane, the AFL by 2035-40 could be the national football code." READ MORE

Conflict exists, but if anyone can juggle, it's him: inside the sporting world of Peter V'landys

Colin Smith and others give their opinions on whether Peter V'landys has a conflict of interest. READ MORE

The broadcast bidding war that could save NZ Rugby

New Zealand Rugby will get a "real uptick" in the next broadcasting deal as a "paranoid" Sky and telco Spark slug it out, says sports rights expert Colin Smith. READ MORE